Sunday, September 6, 2009

eVoice receptionist reviews-Virtual Office for home and small business

eVoice Receptionist is the low-cost leader in the virtual office telephone system market, it provides a package of all the essential features - auto-attendant, multiple extensions and voicemail at competitive prices.

Defenition of Virtual PBX

A virtual office phone system answers your calls and directs callers to the individual or department they want to reach.

When someone call you they will hear a custom company greeting recorded by a professional voice over actor from evoice receptionist for you, and you just have to give them the exact scripting.

"Thank you for calling XXX company. Please press the extension number! For sales, dial 1. For customer service, dial 2. For other callers, dial 3. If you want to look up a person in our company
directory, press the pound key."

This is how a virtual office phone system works and it will let you know which extension the person is calling in on - sales, customer service, etc., so that you will know answer accordingly. If it's a sales call you can answer "Sales, can I help you?" or if its coming in on the customer service extension you would answer "Customer Service, can I help you!" or whatever you'd like to set up. And no one call tell that you are taking all the calls on your cell or from home.


When connected, you can place the caller on hold or transfer them to another extension on your phone tree or even an outside number. In addition, call forwarding, voicemail, etc. can be managed online.

It's very easy to set up an eVoice Receptionist account, it can be done all online through eVoice Receptionist's user-friendly website.

eVoice Receptionist has very good customer support, if you run into any issue, Email support is provided, and phone support is fast and polite too.

Save money

The standard eVoice Receptionist package is $29.95 per month, it includes the toll free number, the professionally recorded company greeting, 3 call forwarding extensions, and 1,000 free minutes of usage. No hardware needs to be installed, so the price is very competitive comparing to others. There isn't any long-term contract, and if you need additional extensions you can add each for $9.95 per month (100 minutes of usage included).

At present eVoice receptionist offer a 30-day free trial of their virtual pbx service.