Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My history of playing mobilegames

It is about two years ago when I bought my first smartphone nokia 3230 that I started to play mobilegames, at that time I was totally absorbed in the built-in car racing game and I won all of the gold medals. Just three months ago, I bought my third mobile since college: samsungi550w, it runs at symbian 9.2 s60v3 and support a huge number of games, what's more, it's more mobile-friendly due to the huge memory and stronger CPU.

Since then I downloaded and installed numerous mobilegames, of course I spent a lot of my free time playing mobilegames, more than chatting with friends.

I hope to meet people from at home and abroad to discuss mobilegames and introduce to one another new and interesting games and share with each other the experiences and feelings toward mobilegames.

A brief introduction

Welcome to my blogger, friends.

Well I think I have to make a brief introduction to myself. My name is zhang yun, yes I am a Chinese, you can call me Carolyne. Yes, as youknow, the 29th Olympic games just closed in Beijing, China and it isvery successful. During the olympic, athletes and tourists from all over the world amounted to 500,000. It is a game of friendship and it boosted understanding of Chinese culture and introduced the real china to the world.

I am interested in swimming, reading, mostly about history, novels, and mobilegames, yes mobile games, in Chinese, we call it mobilegames and currently I am developing a website about mobilegames, you can click the Chinese characters to learn more.

Hope you will enjoy yourself and have a good time here.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Still looking for Mr/Miss right?

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