Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Best Phone Power VoIP reviews

Phone Power - Excellent voice quality, low cost, easy to use and outstanding customer care make Phone Power America’s best VoIP service provider.
Phone Power VoIP review
Phone Power provides simple and cost effective voice solutions for residential as well as business customers, and now it is the mostly used and reliable VoIP service provider in America.

Easy to install and friendly interface

At Phone Power, installation only requires a Grand stream Handy Tone 502 adaptor which is a free lease, and that is all. No software needed and remember, skilled and professional representatives are always ready to help you in case you have any problems.


For residential customers, you get the full-featured service. Voice mail, caller ID, call waiting, call return, these and many other features.

For business customers, you take advantage of the unlimited hosted PBX plan. It gives each line all the standard features of a residential line, in addition, business-specific features like conference calling and ACD call queue are also provided.


With Phone Power NOBODY can tell you are using VoIP on your Phone Power line. Sound quality is not only reliable and consistent; it is consistently clear as well.

Customer service

Customers across America are satisfied with its customer service. Phone support is fast and polite. And live chart and Email support are also provided.

Save money

Unlimited $9.95/month

Save 66% now

2 Lines for the price of 1

Sign up now at Phone Power>>


Unknown said...

I just switched my tech company to phone power's monthly unlimited plan - small business friendly and they're in best buy now.

Elison said...

Hello, thanks for your great review, phone power works great for me, I love it a lot.

Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Nicely done!

Eryrcoedengoch said...

Service was great, until it stopped working. Then one day a call came in, and the caller couldn't hear us. This happened over and over again. We contacted tech support, and they sent instructions for us to do things that had already been done and were in place, so everything should have been working perfectly. But after six weeks, we terminated with them, and sent back their adapter. Then they billed us for $99, saying we terminated early. Well, their service wasn't working. Do we still have a contract if their service doesn't work? I say no, but the collection letters came regardless. I answered every single collection letter, but apparently no one can read at Phone Power. Now a collection agency in Minnesota is writing and calling (I've blocked their calls). I have responded to that letter, disputing the debt.

Conclusion: Avoid Phone Power at all costs. They suck hard.