Friday, July 24, 2009

Google voice ready-another mobile VoIP software

For those who used to make internet calls, Skype should not appear strange to them. Skype is well known for its low rate and clear voice quality, the best evidence is that it's still growing rapidly. But right now the consumers have another choice, Google voice, that'sright, Google is going to release its own mobile VoIP software.

Google voice has all the normal functions that a VoIP service has, make calls, block calls, forward calls, store sms and call US numbers for free. In addition, it has voicemail service, provides conferencecalling too. So you can say Google voice is standard mobile VoIP software.

According to Google, Google voice is only available for Blackberry andAndroid mobile phones at the moment, but we hope that Google will release Symbian, Windows Mobile and Linux versions.

Google voice is currently available by invite only, for those who are interested can go to Google voice invitation, enter your name and email, hopefully you will receive the invitation from Google.


Avazed said...

It’s really interesting how Google Voice has made so many people’s lives easier. It makes perfect sense: we should not worry about all the different ways of reaching someone (cel, home, office, Skype, …), it’s the person we want to reach, not any specific device! So having one number per person for life makes a lot more sense, and that perseon can then decide which device should ring at any given time(btw mobile or other).

The only challenge is getting your new google voice number out to all the friends and business contacts and acquaintances who still have your old numbers or business cards. Google has been giving away free business cards recently, but that only solves half the problem. The upcoming number portability option should resolve this eventually. Meanwhile, one very helpful tool (free) to make sure that everyone who had your old number automatically gets access to your new one is to use, helped me a lot and highly recommend it!

foryou said...

I think google voice will be one of the best software for making phone calls on internet, this a tips to make free calls withs Google Voice

cahyo said...

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wlanguide said...

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jhon apps said...

but that is not as clear as skype chat.
what other say i dont know.

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