Wednesday, November 26, 2008

How to use your computer as a Bluetooth headset

In order to make the computer as a Bluetooth headset, you should pair them first.

When your pair your computer with your mobile phone, you can paly music on your mobile, and listen to music from your computer. When you get a call, it prompts on the computer screen, you can answer it with the microphone, and the caller’s voice comes out of the speaker, it’s really cool. Here is how.

1. Take Sony Ericsson T610 as example. Enter the main menu and choose Bluetooth.
2. Select hands-free device.
3. It prompts Add new hands-free devices? Choose yes and the mobile starts to search.
4. Select your computer when your mobile has found it.
5. Choose connect, and your mobile pairs with your computer. When you receive an in-coming call, it prompts on the screen and you can now use your computer as a Bluetooth headset.
6. When you do not want to connect to your computer, just enter the main menu->Bluetooth->hands-free devices, select your computer and choose end.

So do not wait, just pick up your cell phone and give it a try now.


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