Friday, March 13, 2009

Hack China telecom's internet connection to gain shared access

I have an internet account with China telecom with a speed of 1M, but China telecom charge me top dollar, what makes me really angry is that only one pc is allowed to connect to internet. I have a neighbor who has the same issue with China telecom, so we decided to hack this one-pc-allowed restriction internet connection.

He has a wireless router with four ports and a desktop, I connected my laptop to the wireless router port, and enabled DHCP. His desktop was connected to internet earlier. Well the irony is that, the moment I connected my laptop to the router, a shared internet connection set up automatically, and I typed in the address bar, you know what? It works!

So China telecom's restriction was removed so easily, I can hardly believe it. When I called China telecom's customer service earlier, she told me: no way, you can use it only for one pc, lol.


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