Monday, March 23, 2009

Information about Broadband VoIP phone

There are a few things needed before one can start to use broadband VoIP phone.

Broadband connection

As VoIP phone use broadband internet to transmit the data traffic, you need access to broadband internet, and this is the essential factor, a dial-up connection is too slow to send the huge data.

VoIP service provider

Yes you need a VoIP service provider to provide the VoIP service, the price is not the sole important, but the quality of voice and customer support all matter.

VoIP phone

Many VoIP service providers will provide you with a VoIP phone or adaptor which is a free lease. And you just have to plug it into the broadband port.


If you do not want a contract with the VoIP service providers, you can always install some VoIP softwares such as Skype. You can login to your account anywhere as long as there is a computer and broadband connection. But if you want to call landlines, you need to buy credits first.

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