Saturday, March 14, 2009

How to set up wifi on Symbian mobile phone

Basically, it's very easy to set up wifi on Symbian cell phones. For most Symbian s60v3 mobile phones equipped with wifi, you just need to search wifi hotspots. Once find a open public hotspot, you just set it as access point.

When you open a browser or other programs that need internet connection, select the wifi access point. Then your browser will use wifi connection to connect the internet.

However you may not succeed in connecting to the wifi network. And sometimes the wireless network are encrypted or have MAC address filtering enabled, or DHCP is disabled, in this case, things become much more complicated.

If DHCP is disabled, you need to find the right IP for your mobile phone. If MAC address filtering enabled, you need to find the MAC addresses allowed. If encrypted, you need to find the keys.


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