Saturday, March 21, 2009

How to compare and choose VoIP service providers

When compairing and choosing a VoIP service provider, you have below factors to consider:

-Your business VoIP requirements. You need to do an analysis before make a decision. Find out your needs and requirements, outline your budget. Normally you need to know the number of incoming and outcoming calls, the amount of data traffic at peak hours.

-The cost of VoIP service. Many companies have huge data traffic, numerous calls and voice emails, so cost definitely is of first considerations.

-Technological expertise. Many VoIP service providers offer a full range of emails, faxes and voice mails. They can send voice messages and faxes to the employee inboxes. But it's still necessary to transfer calls to the cell phones after working hours. And most important is, no extra charges.

-The quality of voices. The best voice quality should be provided as well as enough backups and generator facility should be ensured to keep the VoIP service active.

-Customer care. Last but not the least, cost is important, but for business VoIP, quick customer support is very important. A good VoIP service provider would identify your business needs and suggest the best VoIP features and plan for you. And always be there when you need any help.

So before jumping to any conclusions, consider the VoIP service providers carefully to get the best service.

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